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About 100% Free Word Counter

Why Do We Need To Use Word Counter Tools?

If you are a blogger or a student, have you ever wanted to know how many words are in your article or in a certain paragraph and how many words are further required to complete it? You need to continually stay on the cash, ensuring your article/essay stays inside the limitations of these relevant stages. With the objective that you don't inadvertently end up diminishing or increasing your count of words forward and backward to meet a couple of necessities.

From virtual diversion character limits to broad report necessities in corporate settings, in case you've been forming words, you've been working with text counts, whether or not you are familiar with it.

In this article, we will discuss the Advanced World Counter Tools by ToolsBlogs.


Advanced Word Counter Tools:



Word Counter is an online tool that will show you the number of words or sentences in an article, or the number of words that are in a paragraph. This is a great way to find out how many more words you need to complete an article or to find out how many more words are in a certain paragraph so that you can work on improving that specific part of the article. This is a great tool for students as well, this can be really useful when you are writing a blog post, or when you are writing an essay or research paper, it just requires you to input the text that you want to count words from, and then you will get a word cloud of the text. Word counter tool is a great way to figure out the exact number of words in a document, or the exact number of words in a specific section of a document, and sometimes the number of sentences, in a piece of writing, and it can be really helpful when you are trying to understand how long something is.


Other Useful Detail for Bloggers:


The Advanced Word Counter tool is an insightful word calculator which offers much more information rather than just counting the words. With this tool, a person can count characters, Paragraphs and sentences.  it also shows you the reading level grade so you can write for the specific audiences, it's not just the end of the features, it will also display the Reading and Speaking time so you can adjust your article accordingly.


Keyword Density for SEO:


It also comes with the extra feature for the bloggers to check keyword density that helps you measure the frequency of words or phrases in your writing. It’s a great way to identify your weak spots or to see how specific words are used in your writing. You can also use Word Counter to study how other authors use specific words in their writing. This can give you a better sense of how to use those words in your own writing. Once you have a list of your top tracked words, you can try to reduce the number of times you use them in your writing


Who will use this Word Counter tool?

For Bloggers

You could be making an article for someone else where the word count is critical, yet whether or not it's for your own site, this device can be wonderful for your SEO. For example, the collection of text ought to be no less than 300 words, and the title should be under 70 characters to rank effectively.

Understanding the word count of a text can be huge. For example, expecting an author needs to make a base or most noteworthy proportion of words for an article, work, report, story, book, paper, etc. Word Counter will help with taking full advantage of sure its articulation shows up at a specific need or stays inside a particular end. keyword density is also available in this tool to get most of it.

For Social Media

It will also help in social media content, for example, Twitter used to limit us to 140 characters, but later pushed it to 280.

Facebook wouldn't permit you to post whatever is longer than 63,206 characters or even let you comment using more than 8,000 characters.

Shouldn't something be said about Instagram's 30 hashtags limit? The limited 2,200 characters they grant in your Instagram captions will even get abbreviated after just 125.

We even hear that for your blog passage to break into a first page situating on Google, it could have to stay north of 1800 words.

For Students

As a student, you will consistently be depended upon to make errands with express word counts. Though a hint of breathing space is by and large given, if you are well off the count notwithstanding, you could lose marks. What an abuse of your time and effort! Also, you could find it unimaginably significant to use capable creating help from custom making organizations, for instance, our online word counter offers one of the most awe-inspiring make my article organizations you can find on the Web. This will come nearby in case you are relied upon to form a really inconvenient errand.

For various Uses

In many workplaces, you will be depended upon to make bits out of explicit lengths once in a while, for example, lawful counsels, secretaries, etc.



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